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And now, to introduce the teachers and organizers of A Fool's Journey



Deborah Oak Cooper 

Deborah Oak Cooper is a psychotherapist, artist, writer, aromancer, and an elder in the Reclaiming Tradition, a tradition of earth-based spirituality that regards activism as magic and vice a versa. She has taught around the country and internationally, and has more than thirty years of spiritual practice to draw on. She is also a long-time Feri practitioner, a tradition that like Reclaiming, is ecstatic and earth-based. She is interested in helping others build deep and abiding earth-based spiritual practices that transcend allegiance to traditions while also honoring our individual roots.



Hello Everyone, I have been practicing the craft since the mid-nineties. I am both a Reclaiming initiate and Feri initiate. I also teach both traditions. I have taught at British Colombia and Spiralheart Witchcamps.

I have always had a connection with the ancestors and beloved dead. I have taken this to a new level working by opening a Séance and Tarot Parlor.  I facilitate conversations between the living and the dead.

I have been married to my soul mate for over twenty years. I have reared two children to young adulthood.

My core tenets as a witch, priestess and human being are practice, integrity, trust based on experience. I do not believe in faith or hope. The gods are not naturally benevolent, but they will work in relationship. Life is brief and hard stuff happens. Therefore, it is my responsibility to my godself and loved ones, living and dead, to practice gratitude, find joy and bask in it whenever it is offered. 


Robin LaSirena

Robin is a theatre artist, singer, and choir director with a passion for the tarot, myth, fairy tales & magic.  Robin teaches classes with Reclaiming in the SF/Bay Area, including classes in tarot, music, acting, aspecting, and anchoring, & taught at Reclaiming intensives in Vermont, the Midwest, and the Mid-Atlantic area.

Robin can be heard on the Reclaiming cd's Second Chants and Let It Begin Now, the Moonrise cd Songs of Love, Magic, & Other Mysteries




Fern Feto Spring

Fern Feto Spring has been enjoying and sharing the magic and mystery of the stars since 1992. After years of self-study she completed Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program in 2006 and has also published astrological writings in a variety of publications, including: the Mountain Astrologer,, Wellbeing Magazine and Llewellyn’s Sabbat Almanac and Moon Signs. She sees clients in person in Sonoma County and long-distance via phone and video chat.





Elizabeth C. Creely is a published essayist whose work has appeared in the Mississippi Review, Paper
Tape online journal, Dogwood Journal of Poetry and Prose, Catamaran Literary Reader among others. 
Her essay “Daire Nua: The New Oak Grove” was anthologized twice and included as a Notable Essay in 
the Best American Essays series from 2012. Her feature-length piece on author Maria Kvilhaug appeared 
in the Spring 2015 edition of Witches and Pagans. 

She authors a blog entitled “Dinnshenchas: People, Names and Things in California.”




Dillon has been practicing the crafts of magic and ritual for over 20 years and has taught several classes over the years in the reclaiming style and beyond. She has also studied and practiced insight meditation and mindfulness for the past six years. She deeply loves nature in its myriad forms and expressions and often finds refuge in wilderness. She is also a great admirer of plants and plant medicine.  She lives in San Francisco.