Northern California Restorative and Retreat
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And now, to introduce the teachers and organizers of A Fool's Journey



Deborah Oak Cooper 

Deborah Oak Cooper is a psychotherapist, artist, writer, aromancer, and an elder in the Reclaiming Tradition, a tradition of earth-based spirituality that regards activism as magic and vice a versa. She has taught around the country and internationally, and has more than thirty years of spiritual practice to draw on. She is also a long-time Feri practitioner, a tradition that like Reclaiming, is ecstatic and earth-based. She is interested in helping others build deep and abiding earth-based spiritual practices that transcend allegiance to traditions while also honoring our individual roots.



Hello Everyone, I have been practicing the craft since the mid-nineties. I am both a Reclaiming initiate and Feri initiate. I also teach both traditions. I have taught at British Colombia and Spiralheart Witchcamps.

I have always had a connection with the ancestors and beloved dead. I have taken this to a new level working by opening a Séance and Tarot Parlor.  I facilitate conversations between the living and the dead.

I have been married to my soul mate for over twenty years. I have reared two children to young adulthood.

My core tenets as a witch, priestess and human being are practice, integrity, trust based on experience. I do not believe in faith or hope. The gods are not naturally benevolent, but they will work in relationship. Life is brief and hard stuff happens. Therefore, it is my responsibility to my godself and loved ones, living and dead, to practice gratitude, find joy and bask in it whenever it is offered. 



Panthera is a San Francisco native who misses the bay. She learned and practiced her Craft with the San Francisco Reclaiming Community where she Priestessed in various capacities and cells, was a member of the online "ECell" for so many years she can't remember and was the main webspinner/thread-holder for

She's a Reclaiming Initiated Priestess & Witch, a past NCLC Covenant of the Goddess member, a Berkeley Psychic Institute graduate trained in clairvoyance and spiritual healing. She's found she is really good at "reading/cleansing" places such as homes ... oh, and, people too! She's very interested in death/dying and worked for 3 years in the death industry.  Also, She was the Spiral Dance Beloved Dead Priestess for several years in service to community.

Magic, mystery and love are daily parts of her life and she invites you to make it part of your own too!


Robin LaSirena

Robin has been practicing the craft for over twenty years, and has been involved with Reclaiming for most of that time. I also work in other magical traditions, such as Gardnerian, Feri, and Nine Sisters.  I consider myself eclectic and am committed to interfaith as well as inter-tradition work. I am a Reclaiming teacher in the SF/Bay Area, teaching core classes as well as special classes in Aspecting, Anchoring, Spellcrafting, Tarot, and using Music as a Magical Tool, and have taught witchcamps in Vermont, the Midwest, and the Mid-Atlantic area. Theater and Music are also important to me. For five years I directed the chorus for our Samhain Spiral Dance, and for two years I was Artistic Director of Magical Acts Ritual Theatre company. I have sung on several pagan musical recordings, including several Reclaiming ones, and one by Moonrise, the folk trio I co-founded.